About Us

Phaedra glass, established by Phaedra Politis is based in the South West. A design and manufacture business specialising in kiln fired glass architecture and art.
Phaedra glass offers both contemporary and classical styles which have varying degrees of exciting vibrant colours to soft and subtle tones, tactile textures and unique designs that will help make your home or workplace feel truly special.

Phaedra Politis - Founder

I have been working as a glass artist/designer for over ten years. Initial training was at an educational centre for glass near Bath, formerly known as “The Liquid Glass Centre” and now "The Glass Hub" where I learnt the techniques of glass fusion through kiln firing. Thereafter, I have been learning my craft and evolving my glassware through experimentation. I see the earlier years as my apprenticeship years, honing my skills and refining my designs and techniques to create ever more subtle and fine glasswork. However, I am constantly learning, and re-training and embrace the challenge of trying out new techniques.  

"My initial interest in glass was born after having visited the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Been completely blown away by the glass panels made by Tiffany, I became determined to work in the creative world of glass."
Much of my inspiration comes from my Welsh/Greek childhood. Hours of playing in the mountains amongst the subtle tones of the heathers, wild grasses and the beautiful lichen and moss covered rocks and then annual holidays to the bright and colourful country of Greece with it's vivid turquoise sea and amazing sunsets. I am inclined to look at nature (the best artist of all) for my inspiration. Now, with the use of different techniques at my finger tips, and drawing on the colours of my past, I aim to create designs for the future, evocative glassware that will stimulate the senses.

Noelle Adcock-McElya - Glassworker

Noelle joined Phaedra Glass 3 years ago and now works as assistant artist/business mentor and also helps to run the Online Shop. “It’s been a great year for the glass work and I just love both the products that Phaedra designs as well as the atmosphere in the workshop – plus I get to feed my favourite chicken! It’s great to be part of this growing business and to be involved with much of its development with a talented friend and artist.”

“10 Great Reasons for having Phaedra glass”

• The colours in Phaedra glass will not fade, discolour or stain
• Phaedra glass is non – absorbent and therefore waterproof… ideal for showers, wet rooms, swimming pools and spas
• Phaedra glass is frost proof… can be used outside in any weather
• Phaedra glass brings the WOW factor to any setting
• Phaedra glass is heatproof. During the firing process the glass exceeds temperatures of 800C… can be used in steam rooms, sauna’s and hot pools
• Phaedra glass is non – flammable
• Phaedra glass is highly resistant to chemical attack
• Phaedra glass is totally unique and bespoke due to the handcraftsmanship of its production
• Phaedra glass is easy to clean
• Phaedra glass has a distinctive quality of individuality

Architectural Glass Art

Bespoke innovative designs. Glass art and sculptural creations for both indoors and outdoors.

Glass Splashbacks

Beautifully practical. Enhance your home with an eye catching alternative to the ordinary.

Glass Tiles

A tempting selection of designs from contemporary dazzlers to sophisticated classics.

Glass Collectables

Luxury glass dinner sets for that special occasion, or a glass centrepiece to be proud of.