Architectural Glass Art & Flutterby wings

  Flutterby wings 

Fluttering butterflies….Ephemeral and graceful, they are unquestionably the most admired of insects. In admiration of their delicate designs Phaedra has been creating both large and small scale wings as glass sculptures and wall pieces

The larger sculptural works stand in plinths of  Stainless Steel and the larger Wall panels sit in small stainless steel fixings that are easy to install. The smaller panels can also stand in specially designed wooden plinths which can then sit on a window sill. Prices will vary according to design and size.

“These magnificent artworks are the most original enhancement for any setting.”


Bespoke commissions


The ‘Lepitoptera’. From the goddess of rebirth in prehistoric times to the representation of the human soul in ancient Greece (the Greek word “psyche’ means both butterfly and soul), this ephemeral grace of the skies with its aerial acrobatics and magical succession of changing bodily forms has inspired us humans and captured our hearts throughout history. However, all over the world the butterfly and moth species are declining. Urban expansion, pollution and modern agriculture with its use of chemicals are rapidly killing off these invaluable little creatures. Nonetheless, regardless of their extraordinary properties for healing human illnesses and diseases as discovered by recent breakthroughs in medical science, if they disappear, the whole of humanity may also follow. On so many levels these little insects are actually little treasures that we really need to look after and protect.

Wherever installed, Phaedra’s Glass Art will bring a unique translucent feature into your environment. Glass as a medium for art has qualities of its own. It is responsive to light, to the changing hues of the day and its transparency glistens with an ephemeral quality evoking a sense of calm and striking beauty. It also emits a vibrancy in colour and texture which can invigorate the spirit without being overwhelming and loud and will respond to movement through reflections and shimmers. No other medium, in Phaedra’s opinion, is as responsive and engaging as glass.

How to commission


With the use of different techniques at her finger tips, Phaedra’s aim is to create evocative glass art that will stimulate the senses. Whether the effect is to enliven or to soothe and whether the design be contemporary or more classical, Phaedra believes that the most important and most enjoyable aspect of her work is ‘collaboration’.

If you have a specific idea in mind for your glass art then just contact Phaedra by phone or email and she will work with your concepts and guide you through any technicalities to reach a design that will compliment and enhance your space. Phaedra will then email you the proposals and send you a glass sample if necessary. A first stage payment of 25% will be required at this point and the full payment on completion of the work.

Different installation methods


    • Wall art – a contemporary alternative to a painting or photograph.


    • Self standing/Sculptural – Entrance halls, foyer spaces, window sills and as garden sculpture.


    • Door and window panels – for private and public buildings.


  • Insert panels – as part of the wall structure.

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