Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I had a knock on my workshop door........ - Phaedra Glass

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    It was another average day in my workshop. The chickens busy with their chatter outside and the odd butterfly fluttering in to take another quick look at my attempt to replicate the beauty of their wings! Showing off it would flutter out again. Then came the gentle knock on my workshop door.
    “Hello, uuuuhh sorry excuse me” he said. “I’m just wondering if you know if there might be any spare workshop space here on the farm?”
    Jolted out of my butterfly envy and into trying to think more quickly than I am accustomed, I found myself saying “well, yes actually. I have some space as Ive just taken on the back room adjoining my workshop. Do you want to have a look?’
    After a short discussion and minimal negotiating in an easy friendly manner, I now find that I have a world renowned, incredibly talented Art Director from the glitzy world of film happily painting away in the back room of my workshop! Life is full of odd twists and turns.

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